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Not only are our agents dedicated to helping you sell your home through our extensive marketing package, but we can save you thousands of dollars* over higher priced competitors. Our rates are up to a full 2% lower than many of them. Use our calculator below to find out how much you can save! You save even more money when you use us to help you buy your home immediately after we sell your home.

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Save thousands of dollars* in real estate commissions!

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Our Marketing Package

Advertising Your Home

At Slate Realty, we employ many unique methods to advertise your home when we list it for sale. The first thing we do is to place the home on our Featured Property list of this website. Typically, we will also shoot a video of your home and place the video on the property detail page. Because your home will be one of only a handful of homes listed on the internet with a walk-through video, we've found this generates a significant interest in the property.

Here is some example analytics data around a real home we listed on our website:


We are one of a very select few real estate firms that will advertise your home on facebook. We generate thousands of views for our clients. Here is an analytics sampling of data from facebook:


We put our online marketing chops to work for you as we advertise on very specific keywords that real buyers are searching online.

The BLC®

The BLC® is a platform that all Indianapolis REALTORS® use when listing a home. Being REALTORS® ourselves, we certainly list your home on the BLC® system. This gives your home the most possible exposure by providing visibility to your home to thousands of co-operating REALTORS® and their clients. Here is a sampling of data from the BLC®:

Monthly Reporting

Our agents put all of this data together to you in a monthly report detailing the marketing activity on your home.

How we sell your home - THE DETAILS

Slate Sells

Our agents are dedicated to selling your home. From listing your home on the BLC® (formerly MLS), to taking just the right pictures (our co-owner is also a professional photographer), we handle the sales process from start to finish.

To begin selling your home, we usually setup a time to come take a look at the property, and try to make an assessment of condition and value of the home. This helps when its time to set a list price. We will also do a comprehensive market analysis so that you know the average time it takes to sell similar homes in your area, and for how much they have recently sold. Of course, we'd love your input on the value of your property as well!

If any repairs are needed that we feel could cause the home to not sell, we can recommend contractors or a handyman to make needed repairs before we list the home.

At this point, we will sign a standard listing contract and setup a time to take photographs of the interior and exterior of your home. You should be prepared to spend some time decluttering your home and perhaps even staging the home with some accent furniture or artwork. We can help with ideas on staging and decluttering if needed.

At the agreed upon time, our on staff photographer will take high quality photos of the inside and outside of your home with a wide angle lens (makes the rooms look large, and makes for much better listing photos).

After you approve the photos, it's time to put a sign in your front yard and list your home on the BLC®. It's at this point that you will begin to receive calls (or text messages) from our showing service requesting appointments from folks wanting to view your home. Since we use a Sentry Lock, you can rest assured that only authorized REALTORS® will be accessing your home. Of course, it's always a good idea to use common sense and not leave any truly valuable items laying around.

Once we get a live offer on the home, the fun really begins! It's also at this point that we truly earn our money. Our job is to maximize value for our sellers, and we are very good at doing just that. The old saying really is true...

You have to know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em.

This especially rings true for real estate. If you've only got one offer, your ability to negotiate is somewhat limited, and really depends on how likely you feel that another, higher bidding buyer will come along. It's when you receive multiple offers that it becomes much easier to get the best price on your house. This is where we can help! Our agents begin calling previous showings and really try to drum up that second offer, because we've seen first hand how having that second offer can dramatically alter the final selling price.

Once you and the buyers agree on a price for your home, our job is to get the deal to the closing table. There are many unfortunate and strange things that can happen between the time a purchase agreement is signed and the closing of the deal. It's our job to make that process as stress free and smooth as possible. From helping to schedule an inspection, and dealing with the post-inspection issues to getting the owners title policy in place, we are there and ushering the deal along so you don't have to.

And finally, closing! We will be right there at the closing table to help clear up any remaining questions or issues.

Save thousands of dollars* in real estate commissions!

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