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Top 3 Things to Consider When Selling Your Home in Indianapolis

Everyone knows in real estate, it's location, location, location, but Slate Realty Indianapolis has developed a marketing strategy that we've nicknamed, "the 3 P's". Price, Pictures, and Presentation.

Using the right balance of all three of these things is how Slate Realty sells your home faster than the competition, and for the most money possible.


Price is the most important element in selling your home in the Indianapolis market. Set the price too high and you might never sell your home. Too low and you will not get the most value out of your home. Check out price pyramid below visually explains this concept.


Pictures can truly make or break a deal right off the bat. Prospective buyers look at pictures before deciding to physically go see a home. A professional photographer can make all the difference.


Hard to believe this is the same bedroom, but you can clearly see how spacious and inviting the bedroom is in the second photo. By using the right angle and lighting, a skilled, professional photographer is able to truly showcase the beauty and appeal of your Indianapolis home.

Slate Realty Indianapolis always uses a professional and experienced real estate photographer with every listing to ensure success when selling your home.


Presentation of your home is the final key in selling your Indianapolis home quickly. We've developed some extensive guides for prepping both the interior and the exterior of your home prior to selling so that you can maximize value.

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